Storage, Holding & Transfer

S4 Engineering’s range of Storage, Holding, Transfer Vessels and systems have been carefully developed to maintain a quantity of liquid ingredients in a stable and hygienic state, ready for use in the further stages of your production process.


A variety of features include agitation, heating/cooling systems sterile air top blanket systems, level measurement and more. In this way they become a flexible buffer to both large-batch and low-flow production processes.

Mobile Transfer & Holding vessels come in range of capacities to suit the clients requirements.

A complete range of vessel types is available:

  • Single skin
  • Jacketed for heating and/or cooling (e.g. dimple or plain)
  • Insulated
  • Clad (e.g. fully welded stainless steel, rivetted, plastic coated steel)
  • Agitated (e.g. turbine, impellor, gate, high shear)

For pressure/vacuum applications, vessels can be built to the British Standard Code of Practice (PD5500), which ensures they comply with the latest European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

Mixproof Valve Block

S4 Engineering’s design capabilities allow us to develop the valve clusters and manifolds into complex matrices as required.

Our aim are to centralise the distribution of multiple ingredients in an enhanced and efficient control environment.

Particularly suited to the processing of dairy, juiced and brewed products, an S4 Valve Matrix can be applied to include various lines, typically allowing the cleaning of one tank or process area whilst another is in use.