Service, Support & Spares

Our objective is to help customers enhance, improve and optimise their plant and equipment. This is achieved by our attention to detail down to even the smallest component.

With a highly skilled service team committed to always supplying the best of service, both in planned preventative service and emergency breakdowns, you can rest assured we will reduce downtime and increase performance of your plant and machinery.

S4 Engineering provide national on-site cover for scheduled and un-scheduled maintenance and repair services including emergency call out.

S4 Engineering has a number of Service & Support options in place

These include;

  • Planned and unplanned maintenance which could also include shift cover for your technical staff
  • Preventative Service Maintenance Repair
  1. Clean In Place Equipment
  2. Valves
  3. Pumps
  4. Heat Exchangers
  5. Steam Systems
  6. Filtration Systems
  7. Pasteurisers
  8. Instrumentation
  • Calibrations (BRC Audit) & Compliance
  1. Conductivity
  2. Weight – Load Cell & Scales
  3. Instrumentation
  4. Temperature Probes
  5. Flow Meters
  6. Metal Detectors
  7. Check Weighers
  • Remote System Monitoring allowing independent system analysis and incident investigation
  • Emergency call-out and repair

S4 Engineering’s experienced technical team is committed in keeping your production running

All equipment can be covered by any of our established 4 support packages:

  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze

In addition to our standard support packages, we can also provide bespoke SCADA/PLC breakdown services

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