Project Management

S4 Engineering prides itself on its skills, knowledge, experience and training to act as principal contractor of any large-scale projects for the food/beverage, pharmaceutical/biotech, cosmetic/cosmeceutical, animal food and health and industrial/chemical industries.

Principal Designer

We work closely with our clients and the project teams to ensure the legal duties under CDM 2015 regulations are met.

When we appointed as principal designer we work closely with our clients and their projects teams to ensure compliance with the regulations.

  • Pre-Construction Information Pack
  • F10 Notification
  • Contractor Competency Checks
  • Contractor Tendering Assistance
  • Reviewing Construction Phase Plans
  • Health & Safety Audits
  • Health & Safety Files

Principal Contactors

S4 Engineering has acted as principal contractors and understand the duties and roles.

As principal contractors, S4 Engineering remit is to properly plan, manage and co-ordinate work during the construction phase in order to ensure that the risks are properly controlled.

As principal contractors S4 Engineering must:

  • Ensure that a CDM Co-ordinator has been appointed
  • Ensure that they are competent to manage the health and safety issues likely to be involved in construction
  • Ensure that the construction phase is properly planned managed, monitored and resourced
  • Ensure that the HSE are notified
  • Ensure that a suitable construction phase Health and Safety Plan is: prepared before construction; developed in discussion with, and communicated to contractors affected by it; implemented; and kept up to date as the project progresses
  • Ensure suitable welfare facilities are provided from the start of the construction phase
  • Ensure that every sub-contractor or contractor is informed of the minimum amount of time which they will be allowed for planning and preparation before they begin work on the site
  • Ensure that all sub-contractors and contractors are promptly provided with all the information about the project that they need to enable them to carry out their work safely
  • Ensure co-ordination and co-operation between sub-contractors and contractors
  • Satisfy themselves that the designers and contractors that they engage, are competent, and adequately resourced.
  • Where required, report incidents to the HSE in accordance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences regulations 1995 (RIDDOR)
  • Ensure that clients are aware of their duties
  • Take reasonable steps to prevent unauthorised access to the site
  • Prepare and enforce site rules
  • Provide copies of, or access to, relevant parts of the Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan and other information to contractors in time for them to plan their work
  • Provide workers under their control with any necessary information. This includes the relevant aspects of other sub-contractors and contractors’ work, a full site induction and procedures for reporting problems and responding in an emergency
  • Liaise with the Principal Coordinator on design carried out during the construction phase
  • Provide the CDM Co-ordinator promptly with information for the health and safety file
  • Ensure that all the workers have been provided with a suitable health and safety file
  • Ensure that the workforce is consulted about health and safety matters
  • Display the project notification (F10)

S4 Engineering has the solution to meet your specific CDM needs and have carried out these solutions for companies such as the Hain Daniels Group.

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