S4 Engineering produces fully automated process and production lines for ready meals, pasteurised soup, sauces, such as fresh soup, pizza sauce, pasta sauce, spaghetti sauce and meat/vegetable sauces (with or without particulates)

Our cooking and mixing kettles are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of hygiene required in today’s manufacturing industry. They cover a wide variety of cooking, mixing and blending applications across a whole range of products.

The systems can be developed, configured and tailored to your needs. Thanks to our extensive experience in the production of various soups, sauces and other food, confectionery and cosmetics products, S4 Engineering is familiar with the requirements and state-of-the-art technology in the hygienic processing industry.

Inclined, Horizontal & Vertical Agitated Cooking Kettles
Pressurised & Vacuum Cooking Kettkes

  • Typical working capacities range between 10 and 3000 litres
  • Custom sizes available
  • Engineered in line with the latest safety standards
  • Atmospheric, Pressure & Vacuum version available

All kettles are fully compliant with the latest PED regulations and are manufactured in accordance with PD5500


  • Fabricated throughout in stainless steel
  • Steam jacket pressure of up to 7 bar G
  • Optimised anchor stirrer
  • Heating via single or double jacket
  • Control unit with HMI including recipe control
  • Flushed mechanical seals
  • Hygienic design

Feature & Benefits:

  • Short heating time
  • High product integrity
  • Homogenous end product
  • Recipe with a flexible number of process steps via HMI
  • Engineered for optimal batch times
  • Quick change over and low waste at recipe change due to compact design
  • Ease of operation and easy maintainable
  • CIP prepared
  • Optimal return in investment
  • Smooth homogenous product with particulates, without damaging


The batch process system can be extended with the following options, so that the equipment can match your exact requirements.

  • Column bin loader
  • Pre-mix tank
  • Homogeniser in tank or inline
  • Heating with DSI (Direct Steam Injection)
  • Cleaning spray balls
  • CIP
  • Load cell systems
  • Recipe development
  • Technical and operator training