Our Clean in Place Systems

S4 Engineering has a wealth of experience in the supply, installation and ongoing maintenance of clean in place solutions (CIP). Whether you specialise in dairy, food or beverage processing, our vast knowledge and continued product development enables us to offer a broad range of clean in place equipments to fully meet your CIP system requirements.

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What Our Clean In Place Services Include

Whatever you need from your CIP system, we have the expertise to deliver it. We understand that every client has specific needs, varying from high production requirements to budgetary constraints. Even space limitations can affect the approach to an application, which is why we offer a fully bespoke service – no two systems are the same.

Beyond that, we’re here to offer advice, training and ongoing management; whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. Our CIP services include:

  • Site surveys
  • Advice on cleaning regimes
  • Design, installation and management of associated pipework and systems on site
  • Responsibility for communication and interfacing with existing control systems
  • Audits and specialised training
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Equipment We Can Provide and Install

We’re able to supply free-standing, skid mounted and even mobile CIP systems, with skid mounted solutions typically being the go-to choice for most businesses. 

They are designed to allow the main components to be secured to one common stainless steel frame, enabling the system to be pre-piped and wired. 

One of the key benefits of this approach is that it allows the full pre-testing of the unit prior to dispatch and greatly minimises site time during installation. This not only results in time and cost savings, but makes it easier for you to relocate the system in the future if required.

Our bespoke CIP solutions range from single tank systems to multi tank, multi channel machines.

  • Single tank system
  • Two tank system
  • Multi tank system
  • Multi channel system

Do You Need Clean In Place Equipment?

CIP cleaning systems are an important part of any modern food, beverage and dairy processing facility. They automatically clean the internal processing equipments on a production line, meaning there’s no need to remove parts and clean them manually.

Their use is widespread because they offer so many advantages, which we’ll cover below. Although CIP cleaning systems aren’t a legal requirement, they make it much easier to meet any relevant hygiene standards, which is partly why they’re used in so many different industries. From milk and dairy to cosmetics and chemical processing facilities, a wide range of companies use CIP cleaning systems to their advantage.

If you’re looking to scale up your production output and take your facility to the next level, investing in a bespoke CIP system from S4 Engineering is a great way to do exactly that.

Benefits of Clean in Place Systems

Our clean in place equipment provides fast, efficient, hygienic cleaning of plant equipment, with minimal use of chemicals, energy and water – improving sustainability and keeping operating costs to a minimum.

The benefits of clean in place systems really cannot be overstated. Not only can they help you meet hygiene requirements much more easily, they allow you to significantly streamline your processes. With less human intervention required to keep your pipework, vessels and equipment clean, downtime can be kept to a minimum – and output can increase.

These improvements in efficiency naturally result in an improvement in your bottom line. Clean in place systems can deliver a significant return on investment in the long run, improving the profitability of your operation.

Efficiency, hygiene, sustainability… CIP systems really can make a significant difference to your business.

Want to learn more?

Download our CIP data sheet below for more information about our clean in place services


Why Choose S4 Engineering


Research & Development is at the forefront of our business strategy


Our company culture is fundamental to our safety policies and well-being of our teams

Value for Money

S4 defines value for money as an advantageous combination of cost, quality, environmental and sustainability to meet customer’s requirements.

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Our people and the values we use to do business makes S4 Engineering the customers choice.

Quality Solutions

We offer pragmatic solutions and improvements based on our individual customers requirements.

Case Studies

Tims Dairy

We visited Tims Dairy’s Chalfont St Peter facility to assist with their expansion plans, manufacturing and installing a wide range of equipment. The company’s enlarged plant was kitted out with CIP systems, fermentation vessels, pasteurisation and homogenisation equipment and more.

You can view the full case study here.

Greencore Spalding

Seeking to expand their production of sugar-free Deli mayo, Greencore in Spalding commissioned us to supply and install two 4m3 stainless steel vessels. Large enough to store an entire day’s worth of mayo, the vessels were also outfitted with CIP pumps for optimal hygiene.

You can view the full case study here.

Our Customer Opinion

Darryl Stanley - Britvic Group Engineering Specialist

Darryl Stanley

Innovative and proactive company that understands the client requirements.

Darryl Stanley
Britvic Group Engineering Specialist
Peter Timotheou – Operations Director – Tims Dairy

Peter Timotheou

No hesitations in recommending S4 Engineering for the installation of
hygienic process plant and supporting systems.

Peter Timotheou
Operations Director – Tims Dairy
Matt Soden – Procurement Manager – 2SFG

Matt Soden

S4 Engineering is a Preferred supplier to 2SFG for all
liquid, cooking, cooling and process systems

Matt Soden
Procurement Manager – 2SFG

Our Related Services

From industrial cooking equipment to mixing and blending machinery, our team of specialists can supply, install and maintain a wealth of different systems.

Post Implementation Support

Our services don’t stop at installation. Once your clean in place equipment is up and running, you can look to us for ongoing maintenance and support – whatever that may involve. From conducting remote diagnostics to completing on-site repairs, offering operational advice and even delivering training to help your staff get the most out of your system, our team can do it all.


What is the difference between CIP and COP?
CIP equipment cleans large (and hard to reach) surfaces within processing equipment, while COP systems cover easily accessible components like vents, fittings, impellers and handling utensils.
Do you offer ongoing diagnostics and servicing support for clean in place system?
Yes, we’re committed to ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum within your facility. Not only do we design our clean in place systems using quality components for optimal reliability and efficiency, we also offer remote diagnostics and support through the PLC control panel.
What impact can a CIP system have on the rest of the production process?
CIP systems can not only help you meet hygiene standards and boost sustainability, they can help you improve efficiency by rapidly cleaning your processing equipment.
Where can CIP solutions be implemented?
CIP systems can be built into a wide range of different production lines, and are widely used in industries like food and beverage, industrial, dairy, cosmetics processing and more. These highly flexible and adaptable systems can be used to clean everything from storage vessels to pipework and processing equipment.