S4 Engineering has great experience in supplying Cleaning In Place (CIP) system solutions to the dairy, food and liquid processing industries. The Company’s wealth of experience and continued product development enables S4 Engineering to offer a broad range of systems to fully satisfy the end user’s needs.

S4 Engineering also offer a CIP audits and specialised training to optimize your existing system and give greater knowledge to your employees.

S4 Engineering recognises that every client has specific needs varying from high production requirements to budgetary constraints. Even space limitations can affect the approach to an application. Each and every new CIP system design is based on a consolidation of the customer’s core requirements and the experience and know-how of S4 Engineering.

S4’s clean in-place systems ensure fast, efficient, hygienic cleaning of plant equipment, with minimum use of chemicals, energy and water consumption.

CIP systems can be offered as free standing, skid mounted or even mobile. Typically skid mounted units are now most popular. These are designed to allow main components to be secured to one common stainless steel frame enabling the system to be pre-piped and wired. One of the key benefits of this approach are that it allows the full pre-testing of the unit prior to dispatch and greatly minimises site time during installation. This not only promotes time/cost savings, but also provides some flexibility for the customer to relocate the system in the future if required.

The challenges presented and the knowledge gained allows S4 Engineering to offer a full range of CIP solutions from a single tank system to multi tank, multi channel systems.

Single tank system
Two tank system
Multi tank system
Multi channel system

S4 Engineering offers full system specification which frequently has to meet the arduous supermarket audit requirements.Our in-house automation programming experts design each CIP program to optimise cycle times that get you back into production faster, while reducing chemicals, water use and operating costsWe offer total system integration including:

  • Site surveys
  • Advice on cleaning regimes
  • Design, installation and management of associated pipework and systems on site
  • Responsibility for communication and interfacing with existing control systems

S4 Engineering prides itself on total quality and specifically designs robust systems utilising only quality components to ensure continual operation, reliability and efficiency. Remote diagnostics and support are also possible as every PLC control panel has an interface for remote connectivity included in the package.