3D Scanning Services

Every project begins with a site survey, and 3D scanning can transform the way in which this crucial stage is completed.

Our experienced and highly trained team can carry out detailed 3D scans of your premises, before translating the data into geometry for use within CAD. This can also be used to create a digital ‘walkthrough’ of the site, helping you visually understand the proposed design.

Learn more about the benefits of the service and how it works below.

3d scanner service

Why Choose Our 3D Scanning Services For Your Site Survey?

A site survey is an integral process within a project’s lifecycle. It’s largely responsible for ensuring that the design is accurate, that the installation is efficient, and helps to reduce retrospective modifications, ultimately maintaining the profitability of a project.

Within the process industry, areas of interest can be heavily congested and out of reach, making hand measurements incredibly difficult and time-consuming. Capturing this data by hand would not only take a significant amount of time, but it would also expose the business to potential clashes and missed important information.

This is where 3D scanning comes into its own. This incredible technology allows us to capture this essential information in a fraction of the time, with very high accuracy.

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How Do 3D Scanning Services Work?

3D laser scanners use LiDAR technology, which was originally pioneered by aircraft manufacturer Hughes in the ‘60s, and has since gone on to be used extensively by NASA.

When the scanner is pointed at an object, the laser sends a pulse and reads the distance it has travelled, building up a picture of the surrounding environment. This happens at very high speeds (usually up to 2 million points per second).

Modern 3D scanners are extraordinarily accurate. Their laser pulses can travel over 100m and generate data that’s accurate to within 1mm. 360° scans give you an accurate representation of the site, which can then be used to inform the design and installation phases of the project.

How Long Does It Take?

The time taken to complete a 3D scan can vary significantly depending on the scale of the site and the accuracy required.

For example, determining all of the diameters and connections within a heavily congested pipework area can take a great deal more time than merely establishing the proximity of areas of interest in relation to one another.

As a rule of thumb, approximately 50 scans can be taken in a single day. Translating this raw scan data into visual geometry and CAD data can take more time; we will be able to discuss this with you when formulating the project proposal.

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What are the main advantages of 3D scanning compared to hand measurements?
The speed and accuracy that laser scanning provides is leagues ahead of old-school hand measurements. Errors and inaccuracies become much less likely (resulting in cost savings), and improved efficiency allows your project to be completed in a shorter time frame.
How accurate are 3D LiDAR scans?
Our 3D scanner can recreate the site with millimetre accuracy, capturing every single detail.
How can I find out further information about your 3D scanning service?
To learn more about our 3D scanning technology and how it could benefit your project, please get in touch. Before scheduling a site survey, we will discuss different options with you and determine the accuracy and number of scans that are likely to be required.