S4 Engineering specialises in creating fully automated processes and production lines for a variety of Food and Beverage Processing needs, including ready meals, pasteurised soup, sauces, and fresh soup… Read More

Melting, Heating & Cooling

S4 Engineering’s range of Melting, Heating and Cooling systems offer a number of process solutions where reaching an optimal product temperature is crucial… Read More

Mixing & Blending

S4 Engineers are experts in supplying Industrial Mixing And Blending Equipment for a wide variety of industries and applications… Read More

Storage, Holding & Transfer

S4 Engineering’s range of Storage, Holding, Transfer Vessels and systems have been carefully developed to maintain a quality of liquid ingredients in a stable and hygienic states… Read More


S4 Engineering has great experience in supplying Clean In Place Equipment (CIP) system solutions to the dairy, food and liquid processing industries… Read More

Hygienic/Service Pipework

S4 Engineering has extensive knowledge and experience in stainless steel Pipework InstallationRead More

Control & Automation

S4 Engineering supplies integrated Food Processing Automation systems, that provide advanced process tools ranging from raw material reception through to finished products for all industries… Read More

Service, Support & Spares

Our objective is to help our customers enhance, improve and optimise their plant and equipment. This is achieved by our attention to detail in even the smallest components… Read More

Project Management

S4 Engineering prides itself on its skills, knowledge, experience and training to act as principal contractor of any large-scale projects for the food/beverage… Read More

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