Research & Development

S4 Engineering undertakes the challenge to innovate and introduce new products and services, with an aim to always improve our existing offerings/portfolio.

  • Design and development of new machine prototypes offering new or improved functionalities
  • Integration of various existing manufacturing processes into one fully automated process
  • Significant reduction of waste through process or machinery innovation
  • Integration of new technologies with existing systems to improve capabilities
  • Product development to reduce weight while maintaining strength and power
  • Product development to ensure functionality in harsh or extreme environments
  • Combination of off-the-shelf products in a new way, to create a new or improved system
  • Process development to reduce toxic chemical or water wastage
  • Improvement of an existing process or system to achieve faster production speeds
  • Development of a process or system to maintain the quality of a product, despite changing the raw materials
  • Development of machining processes for the manufacture of a complex product/component
  • Product development to stringent tolerances or regulatory standards