Tailored Dairy Processing Solutions

From heating whey to cooling yoghurt, we can design, supply, install and maintain an array of dairy processing equipment. Whether you specialise in cheese, desserts or anything in between, our experienced process engineering team can provide a bespoke solution that meets your needs.

Dairy products including milk, cheese etc

What We Do

Dairy processing equipment has to be both specialised and flexible in order to meet rapid changes in market demand and new, emerging trends. Consumers increasingly demand easily identifiable, high-quality dairy products – and a wider selection of them, too.

We offer the flexibility and innovation needed to develop and supply efficient milk processing equipment and solutions to manufacturers within the milk and dairy industry.

With considerable experience serving businesses across the dairy sector, we’re able to install dairy machinery to produce a variety of milk products.

  • Desserts
  • Processed cheese
  • Milk powder
  • Butter
  • Fermented products
  • Cooling yoghurt
  • Conservation of products
  • Lactose/whey crystallisation
  • Concentrated milk processing
  • Whey heating
  • Rice pudding
dairy processing equipment

Dairy Processing Equipment We Can Provide and Install

Our team is able to implement an array of systems and solutions, as well as provide a number of support and after sales services. Our current offering includes:

  • Dairy processing plant and systems
  • Process equipment
  • Storage and preparation
  • Dissolving, dosing and blending
  • Pasteurising
  • Carbonating
  • Plant CIP
  • Process fabrication


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Milk and dairy products

A Single-Source Service

The range of dairy products available today is vast and continually growing, from basic market milk to exotic luxury desserts.

Whatever you’re looking to develop and produce, our know-how means you never need to be limited by your processing equipment.

With years of experience working with blue chip companies within the industry, we’re able to provide a comprehensive, single-source service. From the initial consultation right the way through to on-site installation, maintenance and even training, we’ll be by your side to bring your goals to fruition.

Our customer-first approach and impeccable attention to detail allow us to find a solution to meet every need – no matter the size of your company or what your requirements are.

Our Projects

The milk and dairy sector is one of the many in which we operate. Learn more about some of our recent projects below.

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What Our Customers Say

Darryl Stanley - Britvic Group Engineering Specialist

Darryl Stanley

Innovative and proactive company that understands the client requirements.

Darryl Stanley
Britvic Group Engineering Specialist
Peter Timotheou – Operations Director – Tims Dairy

Peter Timotheou

No hesitations in recommending S4 Engineering for the installation of
hygienic process plant and supporting systems.

Peter Timotheou
Operations Director – Tims Dairy
Matt Soden – Procurement Manager – 2SFG

Matt Soden

S4 Engineering is a Preferred supplier to 2SFG for all
liquid, cooking, cooling and process systems

Matt Soden
Procurement Manager – 2SFG

Our Related Services

In addition to dairy processing equipment, we specialise in the design and installation of a range of solutions, serving businesses across the food and beverage processing sector.

Why Choose S4 Engineering


Research & Development is at the forefront of our business strategy


Our company culture is fundamental to our safety policies and well-being of our teams

Value for Money

S4 defines value for money as an advantageous combination of cost, quality, environmental and sustainability to meet customer’s requirements.

Customer Trusted

Our people and the values we use to do business makes S4 Engineering the customers choice.

Quality Solutions

We offer pragmatic solutions and improvements based on our individual customers requirements.

Post Implementation Support

Our services don’t end with an installation. Whatever you need in future, from on-site diagnostics to repairs and maintenance, our team will be happy to help. Having an extensive array of post-sale services, we can help you keep downtime to a minimum and your standards high.


Can you provide training on how to use the dairy processing equipment?
Yes, we’re able to deliver training to help your employees make the most of your new equipment.
Do you offer consultations?
We do. If you’re unsure exactly which systems you require, we can visit your facility and provide guidance.
Do you work on smaller projects as well as large-scale implementations?
Absolutely. From small installations to vast turnkey solutions, we can do it all.